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Who is Wieber Art

Welcome to Wieber Art

Will Wieber, B.F.A., Painting, School of Visual Arts [SVA] '77, New York City

Working intentionally and innately, Will Wieber defines the reflections and refractions of light between the layers. His finished surfaces express a consciousness that beckons and captivates the spectator.

Wieber embraces the rigidity of the canvas panel. His work is developed through underpainting and brush & knife work. The structural borders of the frame define both tension and order. This architectural element of the compositions keep them grounded.

"For me abstract art is intentional. It is a cerebral endeavor, as it is an emotional experience.

As with any abstraction, the viewer is free to interpret the work each in his own way".

2013-16 Collection: Mid-Century Modern

Grace Wieber aka CrazieGracie8 approaches her art and design through the same lens. Her years as a dancer and as an accessory designer in NYC have given her the technique and freedom of expression to truly appreciate that Abstract Art is No Accident.

Their faux fireplace mural 45.5" x 47.5" was commissioned for HGTV's "My Big Amazing Renovation" My Green Cottage 2009 Show Home in Falls Church, VA.

HGTV Faux Fire Place

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